February 14, 2019


Online Quran Teaching Academy Classes schedule

  1. Basic Noorani or Qurani Qaida

we are teaching from beginning noorani qaida, noorani qaida is basic thing for Holy Quran learning because when basic will good then entire body will be good we teach with spelling and without spelling with both method and we include basic tajweed rules with this course,duration this course we are teaching some more basic and necessary thing as 6 kalmas, prayer (namaz) Lesson and some small surah of the Holy Quran, this course depend on students some students complete early and some weak students complete later, After completing this course we will start Holy Quran reading course with proper tajweed:

2. Holy Quran Reading Course With Tajweed:

When our students complete basic noorani qaida course then they will able to start Holy Quran Course with tajweed (what is tajweed) tajweed means recite holy quran very well because our holy quran in arabic language ond this language has some special rules in arabic language total 29 alphabets and each alphabet has different way for pronunciation, without knowing these rules we doing mistake in holy quran and when we doing mistake in recitation of holy quran then we will sinful ,duration this course we teach complete tajweed rules and some large surah of holy quran memories ,basic to advance islamic information, history of islam and much more:

3. Holy Quran Memorization Course

Holy Quran memorization is very fun and huge goal for muslim this special course for those whom want to memorize Holy Quran we providing this course because biggest virtues for (Hafiz quran) ,this course take long term we can not complete with short term,eligibility for this course students able to read Holy Quran with looking well and they are spend most time with Holy Quran, Indeed this course difficult but not impossible, for each course male and female teacher available :

4. Tafseer and Hadees Course

This is also special course for those whom they want to learn Holy Quran with meaning and explanation as we mention above the Holy Quran  revealed in Arabic language and for non arab person difficult to understand what meaning of Holy Quran ,basically The Holy Quran is message from Almighty Allah to all human specially for muslims , when we learn tafseer of Holy Quarn then we are understand what say Almighty Allah us , for each course you can contact with us from our contact information