Nikah in Islam

Nikah(Marriage conditions in islam)

Nikah (Marriage) is a greatest reward from Allah The affairs of this world and the Hereafter are put in order through marriage. There is a huge wisdom and many many benefits in marriage. A person saves himself from biggest sinning . He does not have any evil intentions and his own thoughts do not going to wander and any stray. The great virtue is that there are only benefits and only rewards in this. This is because a husband and his wife’s sitting together and talking a loving conversation. some joking with each other, etc. is better than any nafal salah. A marriage can be valid by just saying a few words as a person says the following words in the presence of muslims witnesses: “I give my daughter or my sister to you in nikah.” The person replies: “I accept her in nikah.” so doing, the marriage is valid and both of them are lawful husband and wife. for other condidation if the person has several daughters and sisters. the nikah will not be valid by his saying the words mentioned above. He will have to mention the daughter or sisters by name, he says: “I give my daughter. or sister Fatima. to you in nikah”, and the person replies: “I accept her in nikah.” A person says: “Give so-and-so daughter or sister of yours to me in nikah The father or brother replies: “I give her to you in nikah.” In so saying, then the Marriage will be valid regardless of whether he says that he accepts or not . [ it is not essential for the words “Accept’ยท’ to be mentioned]. If the daughter or sister is present and the father says: or brother “I give this daughter of mine or sister in nikah to you”. and the person Answer: “I accept her for nikah”, the nikah will be valid. It will not be essential to mention her name. If the daughter is not present, it is necessary to mention her name and the name of her father in such a loud that all the witnesse are able to hear voice.

If the present people do not know about the father and there is a possibility that by mentioning his name they will still not know whose nikah is being performed, then it will be essential to mention the name of’ the grandfather In order for a nikah to be valid. it is also necessary and essential for at least two men or one man and two women to be present in nikah party, to hear the nikah being performed. and to hear the two essential words as the offering nikah and the acceptance of nikah) being uttered. Only then will the nikah be valid now. If two or more persons sit together in privacy place and one person says to the other person: “I give my daughter or my sister to you in nikah” and the other person Answer: “I accept your daughter or sister then the nikah will not be valid and not accurate. Similarly. if the nikah was performed in the presence of one person only or female only, even then the nikah will not be valid and not accurate. Together with two females. one male has to be present. If there are two males. witnesses but they are belong from non Muslims community, the nikah will not be valid and not accurate. Similarly. if both are from Muslims community but both or one of them is immature person , the nikah will not be valid. Similarly. if there is one male and two females but both or one of the females is immature, the nikah will not be valid. . It is preferable and sunnah to perform the nikah in a large gathering such as mosque after the Friday prayer in a Jamy’ masjid or in any other large gathering so that the nikah may be well announced and the people will become aware of nikah. A nikah should not be performed in secret and privacy place. However, if due to some reason or loud voice many people are unable to attend in nikah. then at least two men or one man and two women who hear the nikah being performed -in their very presence should be present. If both the male and female are mature condition, they can doing their own nikah . All that they have to do is say the following in the presence of two witnesses: One of them inust say: “I am making my own nikah with you” and the other must say: “I accept you in my own nikah” In so doing, the nikah will be valid and accurate. If a some person does not make his nikah himself, but asks someone to make his nikah with other someone. or. he and or she mentions the name of the male or female with whom he wishes his nikah to be performed and this person making this nikah in the presence of two witnesses-the nikah will be valid.

What is Wali

The Legal Guardian

The any person from family member who has the power and or choice of getting a male or female married is called a wali The first person who can wali of a boy or girl is their own father. If the father is not Available then the grandfather becomes their wali and if he is also not Available. then the great grand-father. If none of them are Available, then the blood-brother becomes their wali. If he is not Available. then the step-brother will be wali brothers from one father. Then the nephew, thereafter the nephew’s son; and thereafter, the nephew’s grand-son. If none of them are Available, the blood uncle becomes their Guardian
. If the blood uncle is also not Available. then the step-uncle, the step-brother of their father. Then, the son of the blood uncle and then his grand-son. Then. the son of-the step-uncle and then his grand-son. If none of them are Available. the father’s uncle becomes their wali; and then his children. If the father’s uncle, his children and grand-children are not present; then the grand-father’s uncle becomes their wali. Then. his children. grand;.children. and great grand-children. If none of them are Available there, the mother will be their wali. Then, the paternal grand-mother, then the maternal grand-mother and then the maternal grand-father. Then, the blood-sister and then the step-sister, i.e. sisters from one father. Then, the step-brother and then the step-sister who is from one mother. Then. the paternal aunt, then the maternal uncle. and then the maternal aunt. An immature person cannot become a Legal Guardian of anyone. A disbeliever cannot be a wali for a Muslim, nor can a lunatic be a wali for anyone

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