Hazrat Ali’s wedding

Hazrat Ali’s wedding

Engagement Sayyidah Hazrat Fatimah

The First time Hazrat Sayyidina Abu Bakr siddiqe R.Z requested the holy Prophet for the engagement of Hazrat Fatimah in Nikah After that Sayyidina Hazrat Umar requested the holy Prophet for the engagement of Sayyidah hazrat Fatimah in Nikah. but the holy Prophet said that she was young. Then Sayyidina Hazrat Ali requested modestly time if he could marry with her. The holy Prophet received Almighty Allah’s command through the wahi and accepted his proposal. Hazrat Fatimah was fifteen and a half years old and Hazrat Ali was twenty one years old (This engagement tells us about that it is not good to delay Nikah beyond this age and other thing that the bridegroom shouId be little bit older than the bride and their ages should match in in this manner) The holy Prophet asked Sayyidina hazrat Anas to invite Sayyidina Hazrat Abu Bakr Hazrat Umar Hazrat Usman Hazrat Talhah Hazrat Zubayr and a group of the Ansar. (This shows us that close people may be invited to the wedding so that it is made known without any formality. Those that are available may be invited on the time.) They came and he delivered a khutbah and solemnised the marriage . (Thus the father must himself deliver the khutbah and conclude the marriage contract

The dower of Sayyidah Hazrat Fatimah

The dower was fixed at four hundred mithqal silver, It is contrary to sunnah to fix an excessive dower. (If one cannot afford, he may fix a lower dower.) He then entertained the guests with a fruit similar to dates serving them in a tray (After that, he asked Sayyidah Hazrat Umm Ayman to take Sayyidah Fatimah to the house of Sayyidina Ali ) This was the simple farewell to the princess of the two worlds. We too should follow this practice and not consider ourselves more honourable (may Allah forgive and _protect us!). The Prophet – then went to their home He asked Sayyidah Fatimah to fetch water and rinsed into it and sprinkled a little of it over her chest and head and prayed to Allah, I give her children under Your protection and asked her to turn about and sprinkled some water between her shoulders and made the same supplication. He then asked Sayyidina Hazrat Ali to fetch water and did the same thing with him. (We must follow this exercise.) He then said to them. “Go-with the blessing of Bismilah-to your home!” According to another version the Prophet went to the home of Sayyidina Hazrat Ali on the day of the wedding after lsha prayer and put his saliva in water which he had collected in a vessel and then recited surah AI-Falaq and surah An-Nas and made a supplication. He then asked Sayyidina Hazrat Ali and Sayyidah Fatimah to drink it one after the other. and make ablution. He then prayed for their purity, mutual love and for blessing in the children and good fortune. He then asked them to go and rest. (We too must do the same if the house is nearby.) The dowry was two Yamani sheets of cloth two beddings stuffed with bark of date-palm. four mattresses. two silver straps for arm. one blanket. a pillow. a bowl a grinding stone. a water bag, an earthen pot. A bed is also reported in some versions. (We must ensure that we do not surpass our means. that the things are necessary. and that we do not publicise and show-off these things.) The holy Prophet asked Sayyidina Hazrat Ali to look after duties outside their- home and Sayyidah Hazrat Fatimah to perform duties within her home. Sayyidina

walimah (wedding reception )

Hazrat AIi then gave a walimah (wedding reception ). He served barley bread with date-like fruit and mashed bread. this is the masnoon walimah.

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