Hazrat Ali's wedding

Hazrat Ali’s wedding

Hazrat Ali’s wedding Engagement Sayyidah Hazrat Fatimah The First time Hazrat Sayyidina Abu Bakr siddiqe R.Z requested the holy Prophet for the engagement of Hazrat Fatimah in Nikah After that Sayyidina Hazrat Umar requested the holy Prophet for the engagement of Sayyidah hazrat Fatimah in Nikah. but the holy Prophet said that she was young. Read more about Hazrat Ali’s wedding[…]

Nikah in islam

Nikah in Islam

Nikah(Marriage conditions in islam) Nikah (Marriage) is a greatest reward from Allah The affairs of this world and the Hereafter are put in order through marriage. There is a huge wisdom and many many benefits in marriage. A person saves himself from biggest sinning . He does not have any evil intentions and his own Read more about Nikah in Islam[…]


Zakat in islam

Zakat in islam Imprtance of zakat And those who hoard the gold and silver and do not spen it in the way of Allah so give them tiding of a punishment painful [Surah Al Toba verse 34] The person who has some wealth and still does not pay zakat for it is a great sinner Read more about Zakat in islam[…]

dua for success

Dua for Success

Dua for success in islam Now we are mention some important duas if you will perform these duas regular in your life specifically in every morning time after morning prayer you will success in your life Inshah Allah and Almighty Allaha save you from many problems in this life 1: First Things you need that Read more about Dua for Success[…]

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Pillars of Islam

Five pillars of islam Islam has five pillars Islam is founded on five pillars: bearing witness that there is no god bot Allah . and Muhammad is His servant and messenger:establishment of sallat: Paying zakaat: Performance of Hajj:and fasting in Ramadhaan:The prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasllam) has compared islam to a canopy resting on five pillars Read more about Pillars of Islam[…]